The WWAS conference provides a forum for the development, dissemination, and implementation of tools to aid individuals, communities, policy makers, healthcare practitioners, social workers, researchers address and discuss some of the most pressing issues related to the effects of an ageing society, in particular for working* women.  (*Work refers to paid or unpaid work, volunteering and or contributing to the local or the global community.)

Related issues: Active ageing, Care responsibilities, Career development, Development of innovative ageing communities, Healthy ageing, Senior contributions to local revitalization, Senior entrepreneurship, Womenomics, Work, gender and ageing

Important Announcement 

A Change in Date and Venue of the 2nd WWAS Conference

The first WWAS conference, held in Fukuoka Japan in June 2016, was very successful in terms of international attendance, academic debate and collaboration between business, academic and government bodies, and local groups.

In order to maintain the WWAS legacy the organizers intended to hold the 2nd WWAS at the University of Derby in Derby, UK on June 15-17, 2017 after discussions with the then vice chancellor of the University of Derby who has now retired. However after initial planning, staff changes at the University of Derby significantly delayed further development.

As a consequence the organizers have been exploring the possibility of holding WWAS II in the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in summer 2018. The WWAS website will be updated when this can be confirmed.

Full report of the Followup Seminar of the 1st WWAS now available

The Followup Seminar was held in Kitakyushu in July 8th, 2016 hosted by KFAW Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women. A full report is now available (Japanese only). 

Loss of a great colleague and friend

One of the contributors to the delivery of WWAS I in Fukuoka was Dr. Hazel Colyer, a member of the initiating WWAS organization, SALT. Sadly Dr. Colyer died in December 2016, following her illness with breast cancer. Dr. Colyer will be greatly missed by her SALT and WWAS colleagues and by many others in the academic and local communities in which she filled so many roles with grace and distinction.

If you would like to know more about Dr. Colyer please look at the WWAS website and also go to the links below.

SALT website 

Society of Radiographers

Kentish Gazette


WWAS 2016 Conference Committee Chair, Mr. Tisato Kajiyama, President, Fukuoka Women’s University

Greeting from the WWAS 2016 Conference Committee

On behalf of the WWAS 2016 Conference Committee, I would like to express my deep appreciation to all who contributed to the 1st WWAS International Conference and its relevant events. All the participants from across the world, financial sponsors, special sponsors, special supporters, supporters, steering committee members, staff, and volunteers made this conference successful. I believe Fukuoka as a host region has made an important contribution by developing this conference where expertise and knowledge, both global and local, on “women, ageing and work” gathered for the first time. The conference has also produced a very meaningful outcome in a form of “Fukuoka Declaration” to propose positive changes for all in an ageing society. I wish this will lead to a bright and vibrant future for all.

WWAS Documentation